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  • Gainward 9800 GT with 1024MB

    General review

    With this graphic acccelerated card you are able to experience a high-performance 3D gaming and high-definition multimedia.Gainward GeForce 9800 GT powered by NVIDIA’s Unified Architecture can give you all of that in fact new 9800 processor is just a modern version of 8800 gt from last year. So Why it’s so fantastic? NVIDIA Unified Architecture empowers the Gainward GeForce 9800 GT with 112 ultra-fast processor streamimng cores for ultra fast frame rates in 3D games and graphic programs. Not only does the Gainward GeForce 9800 GT delivers also a superb high-definition video experience with NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology. More of that, PureVideo HD increases up standard-definition video to high-definition quality. Nvidia introduced this GeForce 9800 GT card on Autumn 2008. Gainward as many other nVidia partners took a chance to earn some money selling rebranded 8800 GT cards. But the Gainward 9800 GT is not just a plain reference card. It comes with new cooling and it has got a bit overclocked GPU. The GPU clock is 650+ MHz, which means it is could be overclocked even further. The same goes for the memory, 1800MHz and the shader clock is 1625+MHz. For easy overclocking you can use Gainward’s ExpertTool.

    9800gt gw 1gb

    Here’s the Gainward Geforce 9800gt Specification:

    - GeForce 9800 GT core running at 650MHz
    - Shader Clock Speed of 1625+MHz
    - 1024MB GDDR3 Memory running at 1800MHz
    - 256-Bit Memory Interface
    - 112 Stream Processors
    - Shader Model 4.0
    - Memory Bandwidth: 57.6GB/s
    - Designed For Extreme HD Gaming
    - Nvidia Pure Video Technology
    - Dedicated Video processors free the GPU Shaders to run 3D applications
    - Dual dual-link DVI supports two 2560 x 1600 resolution displays
    - HDCP Enabled!!
    - SLI ready – Upto 2x the performance of a single GPU (Available on with future driver release)
    - True High Dynamic Range Rendering Support – Based on Open EXR technology
    - World’s first unified architecture supporting Microsoft® DirectX® 10
    - Built for Microsoft® Windows® Vista™
    - Geforce with CUDA
    - PhysX enabled
    - CUDA enabled


    Takre a look at Vintage bechmark score. As you see, it shows us that this card has a bit better performance as an overclocked 8800 GT. Not bad, and with the right price Gainward Gold Sample could be a very good solution. The real kick gives you the newest nVidia product - the GeForce 280 GTX 670M. It gives the double performance as 9800 did. But this card is still extremelly expensive. So all I need to do is wait a bit for buying it.

    9800 gt benchmark

    Does the Gainward 9800 GT with 1024MB of memory has got the optimum performance to run fluently GTA IV on high details?

    Generally yes, but it depends of the rest of your CPU equipement. To launch GTA IV on 9800 gt you need to have at least 2.2 MHz Core 2 Duo LG775 Intel processor and 2gb dual channel RAM memory. You can gain the better performance installing a special nVidia drivers dedicated for GTA 4 it will increse your gaming performance. To download those GeForce 180.84 drivers from Nzone just hit this link:

    Download GeForce Driver 180.84 for GTA 4 Here