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  • nVidia GTX 260 SLI

    nVidia has been continuously improving their products through valuable research and developments since the 6000 series of GeForce video cards in 2004. They were trying to optimize the applications and capabilities of multi-GPU processing configurations. The ultimate result is in nVidia GTX 260. This “optimized” configuration is perfect for visual feast.

    nVidia GTX 260 SLI

    nVidia GTX 260 SLI motherboard has come to the market with many advanced features making it perfectly ideal for graphic processing and reduced power consumption. This hybrid SLI was introduced after the launching of nVidia’s 700 and 8000 series motherboard chipsets. nVidia GTX 260 SLI integrates augmented graphic processing power through GeForce Boost in the chipset. An onboard graphics chip together with a supported discrete video card make this nVidia with increased capabilities comparing with the traditional multi-GPU configuration.

    nVidia GTX 260 SLI

    nVidia has proved its capabilities and showed less hungry for power through its more modern, traditional multi-GPU setup, which helped the chip to enhance the system’s graphical horsepower. The nVidia GTX 260 is a new chip set in the market competing with its predecessors and is relatively expensive. But comparing the visual comfort and the great features offered by GTX 260, the bit high cost is worth shouldering to get a grandeur videocard.

    nVidia GTX 260 SLI

    nVidia GTX 260 features a 576MHz, 192sp processing core with 896MB of 1000MHz GDDR3 linked through a 448bit interface. This hybrid SLI comes as a white-box, refurbished unit. External appearance of the box is not eye catching, but it contains a praise worthy important stuff, the hardware platform needed to link the two cards via nVidia’s Scalable Link Interface, or SLI.

    nVidia GTX 260 SLI

    You must have already had a best performing single card and there can be a desire in you to have a card with more graphical horsepower, then the best option in front of you is nVidia GTX 260. Comparing three factors performance, efficiency and cost nVidia GTX 260 stands in the front for any user to enjoy the great features of this modern tech savvy video card. This high end card supports all of your requirements for a multi GPU resolution like SLI. This SLI card is ideal for getting the advantages of two mid range cards, and hence making it more cost effective in installation and in operation.

    nVidia GTX 260 SLI

    AS a user, you should weigh your options judiciously before deciding on which route is best. It is not advisable just to run dual 9600GT in SLI. It is better to upgrade your card to a relatively low priced nVidia GTX260. This will improve the speed and efficiency and you will feel the difference. Your gaming experience is going to change with nVidia GTX 260 SLI.

  • EVGA GeForce GTX 285 Mac Edition

    EVGA’s GeForce GTX 285 Mac Edition is a wonderful piece perfectly ideal for the maximum enjoyment you look in video card up gradation. Upgrading in Mac anything other than hard drives or memory has been a ridiculous job. This is because most Mac machines use mobile CPUs which are soldered firmly on to the motherboards making it impossible to swap chips. This was true for upgrading Mac video cards as well. The process of upgrading has always been an envious task.

    evga geforce gtx 285 mac edition

    EVGA’s GeForce GTX 285 Mac Edition has given Mac users an amazing and handy GPU option to buy the video card upgrades from online vendors including Prior to the release of EVGA’s GeForce GTX 285 Mac Edition, the video card upgrades were from either NVIDIA or ATI and Apple did not support the upgrade market. It is a real worth move form the Apple.

    evga geforce gtx 285 for mac

    Apple has come out lately with GPU releases which are better in handling the upgrading process. The Radeon HD 4870 and the 8800 GT are build-to-order the much wanted GPU options directly from Apple. Importantly now Apple officially supports conventional PC video cards helping the user to dump the ROM from the Mac and hack the PC cards to become Mac editions.

    evga geforce gtx 285 apple mac edition

    GeForce GTX 285 Mac Edition is a compact hardware just identical to what you get when you buy a PC card. The prime difference comes in the packaging and firmware. You can use these cards in the Mac Pro. Typically additional PCIe power connectors are not required in the standard video card in any Mac Pro. When you intend to upgrade to a more powerful video card, you may require one or two cables to connect the small PCIe power connectors on the Mac Pro’s motherboard and also to the connectors on the video card. All these required cables are in the GTX 285 Mac Edition box.

    nvidia geforce gtx 285  mac edition graph

    GTX 285 Mac Edition has major change in firmware. The firmware has a few EFI hooks to make your PC Video card to work under OS X. PC specific cards do not have EFI hooks. This will enable you to do Binging or Googling and to find ROM dumps suitable for other PC cards which can enable Mac operation. GeForce GTX 285 with firmware can be used without any modifications to POST and function under OS X.

    nvidia evga geforce gtx 285  mac edition image nvidia

    The price is fixed at $449.99. It is bit high compared to other Video upgrading cards. But comparing the price of the hardware and the price for two extra cables Mac Edition Box has a moderate price. The box comes with a lone DVI to VGA adapter, a pair of power cables and a driver CD. It has two dual-link DVI outputs and has no support for mini-DisplayPort. In brief EVGA’s GeForce GTX 285 Mac Edition is worthy of buying it and is perfectly ideal for all Mac owners.

    geforce gtx 285 bundle nvidia

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  • Review of Gigabyte GeForce GTX 285

    Today I want to present you the Gigabyte’s graphic card, built on the newest nVidia 200-series processor designed on a completely new architecture of 55 nm technology. NVidia released GeForce GTX 285.

    Gigabyte GTX 285


    GeForce GTX 200 series GPU is a brand new chip made by nVidia. Inside the GTX 285 is all about breaking new graphics architecture. It was moved to the 55nm fabrication process - making that chip (GT200b) smaller, that requires less voltage, performs better and this card is more affordable. The GTX 285 offers excellent performance while not being so extremely expensive but just expensive. The graphic card I’ll review here comes from Gigabyte, a one of the most titled nVidia partners. From there I’ll test out the performance and you’ll see how it compares to the older cards like the GTX 280 and the Ati HD 4870 X2. So let’s have a quick look at the package before review of the card and its specifications. Inside the package, there isn’t a plenty of elements. Inside you can find the CD with the basic driver and some applications, standard GIGABYTE cable set which includes a TV-Out breakout box, single DVI to VGA, single DVI to HDMI and two dual molex to 6-Pin PCI-E connectors and connectors.

    GeForce GTX 285


    The Largest difference in GTX 285 to the previous models is the move to the 55nm fabrication on the GPU this move is the main reason for the loss of the 8-pin PCI E connector. The smaller size also brings with it lower power absorption and it emits much less heat. Because of that, this graphic card is able to be overclocked higher than the GTX 280. GTX 285 core runs at 648MHz, GTX 280 only 602MHz. The shader clock in 295 runs at 1476MHz, GTX 280 at 1296MHz and the 1GB of GDDR3 carrying a 2480MHz clock, the GTX 280 only 2212MHz. The NVIDIA goal was to gain an extra performance power out of the card.

    Specifications GeForce GTX 285


    3DMark Vantage is the PC gaming performance benchmark created by Futuremark. The latest version was designed for Windows Vista and DirectX10. New benchmark tool provides four new tests for graphic and CPU and it supports the latest hardware. 3DMark Vantage is based on a new engine which supports DirectX10.

    GeForce GTX 285 mark 3d vantage

    As you see on a graph there’s a nice performance bump comparing the GTX 285 to the GTX 280. It seems that the new GTX 285 have problems against only the the double 2x Radeon HD 4870. I think the GTX285 performacne are quite good inspite the price of double Radeon HD 4870.


    The temperature is metered with TES 1326 Infrared Thermometer. It will give the true bare facts about temperatures at maximum clock speeds. There are two places to take the temperature value from - the back of the card directly behind the core and an exhaust point. The temperature looks higher when compared to the GTX 280, but readings on the 280 without a shroud are closer to the 70c mark. This test was made by specialists.

    GeForce GTX 285 temperature graph

    There are other manufacturers of cards based on nVidia GTX 285 chip. Some of them do not feature overclocked editions, and whenever that happens, their graphic card wasn’t pre tested and certified for higher clock frequencies. They only offer a non-overclocked GTX 285 and when you purchase their GeForce GTX 285, so watch out buying a new card - you have to watch out for used technology and it should be 55nm. Looking closer at the GIGABYTE card, there isn’t much to say more about it, generally. The package is medium equipped, the cooler is standard which generates average noise of 67 dB during maximum performance. The prices are approximately from $340 to $410 - it depends of the manufacturing company, the Gigabyte version costs 399$. So if you are computer graphic enthusiast and you have enough cash to buy it, leave anything you do now and run to the nearest computer store or visit eBay and purchase it immediately. That’s all folks , see you next time :)