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  • NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision

    Posted on June 30th, 2009 admin No comments

    As everybody knows, for all ages people have been fascinated by illusions. Like everybody we like to be surprised, amazed and impressed.

    NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision

    Fantastic way to fool your brain is old well known technology in a totally new way of designing. Do you remember VFX helmets, where games can be placed stereo 3D?? It was amazing but the technology was pretty prehistoric, running games like doom 2 or quake 1:) And now I got a fantastic pleasure to introduce you a fantastic new product with nVidia logo - brand new 3d glasses. And so nVidia has teamed up with Samsung and created a 3d binoculars with high quality 120 Hz LCDs, with all new 3D stereo shutter glasses technology. 120 Hz are very important - that your eyes will be no tired. NVIDIA has its finish in the driver support and go to a state where it is really good. Alongside this, it redesigned the approach to the game experience. These remarkable shutter 3D glasses are wireless and rechargeable, games that rely on new drivers automatically kicks-ass in 3D mode and next to that NVIDIA wanted to find a really cool game.

    GeForce 3D Vision

    It is now 2009, a lot in the stereoscopic market segment has changed and sure, a lot hasn’t. With the new GeForce 3D Stereo Vision slowly kits now available here in Europe, contained a good time to look at them. We asked NVIDIA to send the complete package, with a 120Hz Samsung LCD monitor and shutter glasses kit for. I got nothing more to say - they’re amazing!

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